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About us
Maglificio di Nibionno combines the old Brianza artisan tradition with the most advanced technologies present on the market, creating high quality women's knitwear.
We dress women with classic lines through quality products.
Our core values are based upon excellent know-how, manual abilities and passion.
Maglificio, distributes its garments using a widespread distribution network throughout the country, with more than 400 points of sale. Today our gaze is also towards the rest of the world introducing our quality product.

Our roots
In 1956, Marcella Riva started as a knitting machine knitter, became a teacher and worked in a local knitwear factory in the production of women's knitwear.
It was 1975 when she started this artisan activity, starting to use manual looms in various subtleties. The first collections were released by some distributors in the area.

Nowadays Maglificio di Nibionno represents the best expression of manufacturing tradition since it harmonised the ability to preserve artisanal crafts with cutting-edge machinery, aimed at to make high quality women's knitwear in its own production site located in Mirandola.
Maglificio di Nibionno stands for tradition and high technology applied to the handcrafted detail in the creation of knitted garments.
In recent years, thanks to a series of targeted investments and believing in a future where craftsmanship and technology can express the best of "Made in Italy" creativity, the company has equipped itself with the most sophisticated technical processes. Our modern production departments are equipped with CAD and cutting-edge equipment such as laser cutting, automatic cutting, automatic spreaders, multi-head and multifunctional embroidery machine, digital printing both by sublimation on polyester bases and reactive/direct on natural fabrics as wool, cotton, linen, viscose.
Nowadays, we are able to produce knitwear at zero kilometer, thanks to our production site based in Mirandola. Moreover, our cutting-edge knitting machines with JIT (Just in Time) production, reduce waste and consumption, thanks to the cutting methods.

For an Eco-Sustainable Future
Maglificio di Nibionno constantly strives to minimize the environmental impact of its products. In fact, our research is aimed at those who guarantee that energy is produced from renewable sources, thanks to the use of materials of natural and eco-sustainable origin, avoiding those of fossil origin, such as the choice of textile finishing.
Furthermore, thanks to solar energy taken from our photovoltaic systems, we almost completely meet the needs of our production machines. For the residual energy part, we use suppliers who ensure their production through renewable sources, creating a company with an environmental impact close to zero.
Our garments are made thanks to the passion, care and attention to the details we put into the creation of each collections and this is reflected in the choice of yarns. Nowadays, thanks to an agreement with Tessitura di Tollegno Spa, one of the most renowned companies in Biella, about a third of all production is produced with the "Lana Gatto" label. Over the years, we have introduced more yarns, in addition to extrafine Merino Wool we have also added a more fashionable yarn with a cashmere blend base and a comfort yarn of various blends with inserted Lycra.
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